You're an employee for a mega corporation known as Be & An corp. You were sent to a solar system to harvest planets for resources and profits - for them, of course. Once you've depleted a planet, go to a different planet!

When you reached the solar system, your FTL broke, meaning you're stuck there. Be & An corp. says they will send a relay for you to be able to leave, but first you must repay the debt you owe them. 

Go to a planet, harvest its resources, then sell them at a nearby space station to repay your debt or use them for upgrades on your ship. 

As you navigate this solar system, you must keep an eye on stats such as hunger, fuel, power and O2 to ensure your survival.


  • Procedurally generated solar system
  • Full economy generated based on available resources through the solar system
  • Trading system to buy or sell resources at space stations
  • Company debt to repay adjusts itself based on the potential revenue
  • Emergency systems to help you get out of a rut
  • Upgrade system to improve your experience
  • Booster system to catch those really fast planets (it costs fuel, be careful!)
  • Probing system to analyze planetary resources
  • Gathering system to harvest resources while spending others (keep an eye out!)


  • WASD - Move the camera around (you can also pan the camera with your cursor)
  • Spacebar - Focus your camera on your current location
  • Middle-mouse button - Rotate the camera to look around
  • Left-click - Set a target planet/space station to travel to


This is my first game jam, so I'm super excited to share this with others. Please know that I did not have time to catch all bugs, but did my best to deliver the best experience I could in the given time. Enjoy and thanks for trying it out!

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